Dancing In The Shadows

Dancing In The Shadows

Sylvain grew up in the mountainous Black Forest of Germany and comes from a long line of woodland dwellers.

Living in a little cabin beneath a vast canopy of trees, Sylvain longed for travel and adventure.

He would wander into the woods with whispers of his mother calling him home floating on the breeze.

From time to time Sylvain would see a flicker of light dancing through the trees. One day he followed the light until it reached a clearing. The tiny flicker grew into a radiant figure of light. This was Estella. She was a magical woodland creature and Sylvain fell instantly in love with her.

In his dreams Sylvain would see Estella. She was calling him into the darkness of the forest. For many years Sylvain longed to follow her but was too afraid of the unknown.

As time went by Sylvain became restless and his thirst for adventure grew ever stronger. He was now a tall, fearless man and decided it was time to leave the little cabin in the woods.

He packed his pockets with his most treasured possessions, a brass pocket watch from his father and a small portrait of his mother. He waved goodbye to his loving parents and disappeared into the trees.

Night fell and the cruel wind howled. Sylvain knew the forest well but as he walked deeper and deeper into it he became lost. The wind was now so strong that it swept him off his feet. He fell to the ground with a bump and slowly drifted into a dreamless sleep.

He awoke to a feeling of warmth around him. As he opened his eyes, he saw a familiar glow. Estella had found him and warmed him with her love.

He smiled sweetly at her and in his heart he felt instantly safe in her arms. Estella took Sylvain to the clearing in the forest where they had met all those years before. By the light of the stars they danced through the shadowy trees and celebrated their love. He knew that they would roam the wide world together and wherever she was, it would feel like home.

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