• Paper Cutting Workshop- Wanstead Art Trail

    Free Paper Cutting Workshop
    for Wanstead Art Trail!
    Come along to Images In Frames
    Gallery to have a go!

    Paper Cutting Workshop- Wanstead Art Trail
  • Connecting Communities

    Two For Joy design helps
    connect local communities
    through the power of play!

    Connecting Communities
  • The bigger the better!

    My latest commission has been a great one, I mean a great BIG one!

    A South London home has recently been transformed into a Two For Joy style Wonderland, featuring my trusty characters, many, many stars and great deal of red paint!

    My fantastic client David let me loose on his walls and gave me free reign to create anything I liked.
    The result was a story style piece, each wall taking you further into the tale.

    Delve deeper into this story here

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