Awesome Mama

Awesome Mama

Parenthood is full of trials, tribulations and truly wonderful moments that pull on your heart strings.

Whilst you fill your phone with endless photos of your baby or kids, you yourself can sometimes be forgotten on the wrong side of the view finder.

Awesome Mama portraits capture you on your own, with your children or as a whole family and with character labels they show more than a photograph could ever do.

These portraits are a very unique and honest glimpse of you in this very moment. To show what a great job you’re doing as a parent, even if sometimes you don’t feel like it.

I create these portraits from photographs and stay in touch with your throughout the process and help you with figuring out the best character labels if you need it.

They are all hand drawn in ink and painted with watercolour.
You can also have Grandparents, bride and grooms or groups of friends captured in this style.

Get your Awesome Mama portraits here or email me if you’d like to chat about a commission

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