Connecting Communities

Connecting Communities

Two For Joy has recently done a fantastic collaboration with Screens In The Wild.

The Bartlett, University College London of ‘Screens In The Wild’ is a project which explores the potential of networked urban screens for public life. The project is funded by a digital economy programme.
The platform is designed to encourage public participation and promote social cohesion through urban play.

Through a network of digital media interactive screens you can connect neighbourhoods in Nottingham and East London.

I designed the window vinyls that frames the digital screen which you can touch to take photos and record videos that can be seen in other communities and you can also see what they’re getting up to!

This was a great collaboration for me and was exciting to do another big Two For Joy design, especially one that is in my local area!

See more images here.

Check out the video here

Check out Screens In The Wild and read more about it on their website: