Choosing Art & Craft As Your Kid’s Birthday Party Theme

Choosing Art & Craft As Your Kid's Birthday Party Theme

If you wish to keep your guests busy in some activity during your birthday party, it would be a good option to choose a theme that is interesting and everybody love such a theme in your friends and family. Finding such a theme could be difficult, but not impossible. It is not always that your parties need to be sophisticated with retro or contemporary themes. You can decide some crazy theme like a rainbow or organize an art birthday party. Art and craft birthday party is a wonderful way to keep your guests busy and make them have the fun of all kinds. There are different birthday party ideas Melbourne that you can perform. If you are specifically focusing on art theme, then you need to have some creative ideas for invitation, food, supplies and favors for your own or your child’s art birthday party. Another important thing that you need to take care is the invitation.

Choosing Art & Craft As Your Kid's Birthday Party Theme

Art For Arrange Birthday Themes For Your Kids

You have to be very cautious while choosing an invitation for your own or your kid’s birthday party especially when you are choosing art as a part theme. There are several personalized art invites available online that you can choose and also include all of the party details in the invite. You can create homemade invitations as these are effective and a great way to make your guests feel excited about your party. Here are some steps that you can follow to create an invite and make your guests excited about your party. Punch a hole in a plain card to create a card-style invitation and attach it to a personalized bookmark with the help of a curling ribbon. Seal your invitation envelope with a party personalized sticker printed with a fun message or details of the party. You can use color pencils, paints or wax colors to create designs on an invitation. Finger paint or handprint on the cover of invitation can also be good options. You can also write poems on designer paper along with party information. There are so many other things that you can do to make your kid’s birthday party special. Your decoration should be outstanding keeping in mind art theme. You need to choose the food items or snacks that will go well with your art and craft birthday party. All these things are small but very important. You cannot afford to neglect them.

This is a watercolour/illustration lesson based on one of my all-time favourite books from my childhood: Apple Pigs by Ruth Orbach. It’s about a little girl who takes care of a neglected apple tree which then ends up producing thousands of apples. It contains wonderful messages of taking care of nature and sharing. I read this book to my “Storybook Art” class which I teach to a group of Grade 2 students. After reading it, the kids sketched out an apple tree landscape scene in pencil. Then they went over their lines in Sharpie. They painted them using watercolours- I use the brands Prang and Crayola (8 pan colours). Both are similar in quality but both have vastly different blues- the Crayola one is a beautiful turquoise while the Prang one is more of a true blue. Yes, I’m one of those Art teachers that does comparison painting test charts for different brands of paint! Here’s a great comparison by Mini Matisse. For the apples, I found this bag of “decorative balls” (tiny styrofoam balls) at the Dollar store. They’re supposed to be for filling vases for fake flowers or something. They are the perfect size. One bag was enough for 10 students. I think they are so sweet, cheerful and charming! Oh, early finishers painted apples which we’re going to cut out to use for the border of our bulletin board display. Stay tuned- I’m hanging it on Monday!

Thank you for this article, Katherine. I red it few times and I also have few things to say about the website and the selection itself. Yes, I’m shortlisted and I’m happy with this fact. Still, things could be improved though. About the website: as a graphic designer I would say: there MUST be displayed the image and the title, and artist’s name in the main gallery. I find it weird the fact that information was split on two parts – first image (in the main gallery), then all info in the profile pages. Have no idea why it’s like that and we all know this basic info for title, name and image we can find in any album with artworks. Because its the main info. How do you see alphabetical order in case there is nothing like text on the gallery page? The other thing is that there MUST be displayed information about the size of each artwork. I participate with a drawing which is 1.80 m. This is quite huge and no photography can display the actual impression over this drawing.

As an art teacher I always ask students to make descriptions of artworks they can see by themselves (if it’s possible of course).. The reason is that photography just can’t display the real impression of something which has specific structure. That’s one of the main reasons I just can’t make my “top 10” list. There are so many things about the atmosphere each artwork creates around it in specific space, that it’s not possible to me to say “like” a scan (or photography) of an artwork. I need to see it, for sure. So, the first thing I am a bit disagree with you is your “top 10” list, which is actually based on photography copies. Because that gives me the real chance to discover different arts and artists, and to find in each of them the meaning which make an artwork the “Artwork”. That also helps me to avoid judging based on my current understanding of art. I think I developed quite broad understanding and I find many artworks really important in their message even though I honestly don’t accept their style, because it doesn’t touch me (anyhow). Yet, someone else may find them subjectively important and to prove them as objectively reasonable, as art concerns many people. This contest of Derwent is something to appreciate, really. It’s amazing to see drawings from all over the world and not only British-school drawings. To me the jury proves with this selection something really important: they sell materials all over the world and all kind of people use their materials. They prove that this fact is really important to them and variety of styles and techniques, and artists fome different schools is nothing else but just to applause.

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