Choose Art Gallery For Decoration Of Your Office

Choose Art Gallery For Decoration Of Your Office

Art improves the quality of our life. You can imagine the change art can bring by just visualizing about the difference in a room having bare walls and the room with walls full of art. The art inspires us to think more and to imagine how life can be made better than it is now. It allows people to share their thoughts, ideas, feelings and impressions which they may not otherwise share. Art has a special importance at any workplace and this is why it is recommended to buy art for office decorations. It personalizes and humanizes the work places and transforms them into unique, interactive and engaging environments. However, some people who are more inclined towards art, may also use it to signify success, wealth or power. For example, just imagine an office of a CEO with a huge bold, dynamic and vibrant painting hanging on the wall directly behind his desk or the two imposing grand sculptures which are strategically placed around his office. People sitting and meeting with this individual would automatically be intimidated with the art around them.

Choose Art Gallery For Decoration Of Your Office

Simple And Easy Way To Make Your Office Look Great

This way an original piece of art may enhance, reflect and can even magnify the personality of the individual who owns it. Selecting the right colors for an office setup is of prime importance as the office should cater to a wide variety of individual tastes. The same should be applicable for the art pieces that you will hang on your walls. You can turn simple creative pieces into chic pieces by giving them prominent spaces on your office walls. At workplaces, art makes people proud to work. Seeing the original art in the corridors, halls, lobbies and in offices has unconditionally a positive, inspirational, productive and an uplifting effect on the people who work there. To simply put, art makes life more livable in offices. Those doing businesses and interested to make good profits, must know that people decide to spend their time and money on the visual appeal that businesses have on display. An example can be commercial spaces like restaurants and hotels that often attract people with their impressive interior decor. To improve your office interior is a simple task that requires placement of some good imaginative canvas paintings bought from some fine art galleries or art shows in Dubai. Using these paintings, your office can become alive and enjoyable without sacrificing on your professional look. Therefore, a correct placement of the art pieces in the offices can thus help to add a specific ambiance to your work area without even burning a hole in your pocket.

This is a project I give to any new class I teach. I found it on the Artsonia website- from the Lewis & Clarke Middle School page. This term I taught it to my Grade 8 and 9 students. It is a very good introduction to the Elements of Art (line, space, form, colour, space, texture, shape). It also gives students a chance to use a variety of art media to create a unique mixed media piece. This project is definitely alot of information in one artwork- it takes a while to complete- it took us about 2 weeks. First, find the middle of your paper- mark the middle at the top and bottom. Then, using a ruler, measure diagonal lines from the bottom corners to the top middle dot, and the same with the bottom. Does this make sense? It’s an easy way to create a symmetrical design of 7 sections- one for each element to be represented in. I told the kids they could break it up any way as long as they had 7 sections. Then fill the whole page with one giant word or a phrase- any language. Essentially, you’re trying to have a bit of word in each of the sections. In the end, though, the word(s) is quite obscured and difficult to read and that’s totally okay. Students could add images as well.

In the last ten years, travels in Europe and Ireland have had a profound visual effect on my work. Upon returning from that first trip through Ireland, I began a series of paintings initially inspired by feelings and imagery experienced there. These influences were coupled with my own already established love of medieval and gothic forms, historical European religious subject matter, and Irish history. At this time I also began to aggressively explore the use of alternative, often organic materials like wax, tar, wood, and fabric to achieve a more elemental and tactile connection with the work. The exploration of ideas about memory, history, and the passage of time have become an important part of this process. My paintings often include combinations of anatomical imagery, memorial sculpture, romantic symbolism, and religious iconography. The works are created using deep supports, like boxes, that stand out from the wall and assert themselves in the viewer’s space.

In many cases, the physical qualities of the work are meant to suggest the physical weightiness associated with monuments and memorial sculpture. Collaged materials, including heavy fabrics and printed matter, contribute to the initial surface of the work. After this weathered, heavily worked, abstract surface is established, it is sealed in a layer of beeswax, and the more figurative elements of the imagery are rendered in tar and varnish. The organic qualities of the wood, wax, and tar communicate a feeling of timelessness. I believe that the processes of building, weathering, eroding and layering are important to the work’s identity — it creates a history that can be traced, investigated, and experienced by the viewer. The materials and processes used emphasize the paintings as visceral objects with an evocative physical presence. Often, these materials are meant to recall and engage the physical body, and with the accompanying image, evoke a meditational response from the viewer.

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